US Sanctions Uganda Government Officials Over Anti-Homosexuality Law

The United States has restricted Ugandan officials’ access to visas after the African nation approved an anti-LGBTQ law that was denounced by several nations and the UN, the U.S. State Department announced on Friday. While Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated last month that the government would examine imposing visa restrictions on Ugandan officials, U.S. […]

We Will Be True To thee Till Death

2. Our fathers, chained in prisons dark,Were still in heart and conscience free;And blest would be their children’s fate,If they, like them should die for thee:Faith of our fathers! holy faith!We will be true to thee till death! 3. Faith of our fathers, we will striveTo win all nations unto thee;And through the truth that […]

The Inquisition: How the Waldensians Suffered in the Hands of the Catholic Church

Romanism is now regarded by Protestants with far greater favor than in former years. There is an increasing indifference concerning the doctrines that separate the reformed churches from the papal hierarchy; the opinion is gaining ground that, after all, we do not differ so widely upon vital points as has been supposed, and that a […]

The time is ALMOST here when, we shall be treated as TRAITORS

There will come a time when, because of our advocacy of Bible truth, we shall be treated as traitors; but let not this time be hastened by unadvised movements that stir up animosity and strife. {CW 68.2} Adventists Will Be Treated With Contempt The same masterful mind that plotted against the faithful in ages past […]

You will go to jail if you TALK about JESUS in Israel – Proposed Bill

According to a proposed bill in Israel Parliament, anyone who talk or discuss about the name “JESUS” would be arrested with a jail term of up to 2 years. Two members of Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, have introduced a bill that would outlaw telling people about Jesus in the Jewish state, and jail […]

Would You be TRUE to God even in the face of Death? Persecution Coming Again

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12:11 Almost all modern Christians do not know anything about how early Christians suffered to defend Christianity. They suffered imprisonment, torture, and ultimately death to defend God’s truth. […]

Bermuda SDA Conference Jails SDA Sister after Sexual Harassment Claims

Gabrielle Gangadhar(who goes by the same name on Facebook) is a very devoted Seventh-day adventist woman who shares the word of God on social media. She is from Jamaica but was working at the Bermuda Seventh-day Adventist Conference. Gabrielle was reportedly arrested in Bermuda and still in Jail for NO CHARGES. Before her arrest, she […]

The Horrible Inhumane Deeds of the Catholic Church in History

History has been forged to hide the wicked and evil deeds of the Papal Church but all these are before God and the sins of Babylon will be laid open! This article is for all those who want to know truth and prepare for what’s coming upon the world again during the mark of the […]

Here’s why you need to watch out: “Rome Never Changes”

There’s a saying that the best way to conquer your enemy is to befriend him and Abraham Lincoln was so right when he said this because in his era he beheld what US could become if care is not taken; it would become Jesuits infiltrated Nation! Rome will persecute you to obey her and if […]

Protestants Have Tampered With And Patronized Popery

The Roman Church now presents a fair front to the world, covering with apologies her record of horrible cruelties. She has clothed herself in Christlike garments; but she is unchanged. Every principle of the papacy that existed in past ages exists today. The doctrines devised in the darkest ages are still held. Let none deceive themselves. The papacy that Protestants […]

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