7 Amazing SDA Android Apps You Should Have

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Apps we use daily on our phones help us in our day to day activities, and these apps give more capabilities to our mobile devices.

When it comes to our religious lives too, apps play major roles in this technological world. From reading the Bible to studying Sabbath school, all are now possible on our mobile devices. Below are some SDA Android apps you should have on your phone:


The SDA TV App is the app that provides access to Adventist media content around the world. Be it SDA songs, documentaries, SDA movies, sermons, or Bible study, all are on SDA TV.

2. SDA Memes – Evangelism tool

SDA Memes is a great tool for evangelism because it has several memes to help in sending the everlasting gospel to all parts of the world. The app has a collection of Sabbath Truth, Health, Relationships, and more other topics content available for sharing or download. You could easily share it on your WhatsApp status or Facebook wall. A Picture they say, “Speak more than thousand words”. Get the App on Google play today:

3. SDA Quotes

SDA Quotes App is the app that will change your life. It contains spiritual Quotes from Ellen G White Writings and SDA Pastors. God’s truth that will be a light to guide you in this Dark world. SDA Quotes contains Health quotes, Last Day Events, Marriage & Family, Country Living, The Sanctuary Message, Steps to Christ and Pastors Quotes: Pastor Randy Skeete, Ps. Doug Batchelor, Ps. Walter Veith, Ps. Andrews Ewoo, Ps. Christopher Hudson, Ps. Andrew Henriques. Click on Download to get the app.

4. EGW Writings

Ellen G. White is the most widely published Seventh-day Adventist author. Her ministry spanned 70 years, from 1844 until 1915. Guided by the Holy Spirit, she exalted Jesus and pointed to Scripture as the basis of one’s faith. Ellen White wrote on a wide variety of spiritual and practical topics, from spiritual, to health, education, ministry, financial and marital advice. Her best known most translated work is Steps to Christ, followed by the 5 conflict of the ages series: Patriarchs and Prophets, Prophets and Kings, Desire of Ages, Acts of the Apostles, and The Great Controversy. Ellen G. White is also credited as the co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Get this app to study the inspired writings and your life will never be the same

5. Adventist Toolbox

Adventist Toolbox is a great tool for Adventists to access SDA content. The app provides spiritual revival materials offline. If you are a missionary, church elder, youth leader, pastor, layman and active church member in a country with bad internet connection, then Adventist Toolbox is the right app for you, to help you in your teaching, sharing and preaching of the Everlasting gospel. Get the app from Google play store today:

6. SDA Sabbath School Quarterly

Study your Sabbath School daily everywhere you go, with Video discussions.

This SDA Sabbath School Quarterly App comes with easy navigation design and with Bible studies, SSQ Bible references glossary. The App also has Sabbath School video discussions.

Get this app today from Play store.

7. The Great Controversy By EGW

Get Access to the Great Controversy by Ellen G White offline.

The Great Controversy App takes you through the beginning of the world, origin of sin, and to the end of Sin and Satan. It’ll help you know the history of Christian persecution and the martyrs of truth.

It’s a very compelling content by Ellen G White that’ll change your life and help you know the will of God concerning your life. And to know what is t come upon this perishing world.

Access this FREE content from this App and your life will never be the same after reading.

7 Amazing SDA Android Apps You Should Have

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